Guest Post by Ivan Ruhle

Does Charlie think about his blog often? Does he ever think about it before he falls asleep, his legs shifting restlessly underneath his neatly patterned bedsheets? Does his attention then jump to the noise outside his bed-room window? Is Charlie concerned that the format he's chosen suggests and encourages volume? An energetic stream of words, images, references, and quotation; a conversation. One conversation amongst millions. Is Charlie concerned that he lacks the drive needed to regularly feed so hungry, yet so thankless a pet? Does Charlie ever eat Japanese sweets? And if so, does he appreciate the texture? Sticky, chewy and yet not overly sweet. If your posts arrive with a month in between do people stop paying attention?

Is that why Charlie has allowed me to make this post? Will he let me post again? One post a day for seven consecutive days. Am I to be trusted? The last time I posted on my blog it was August.