I slept but my heart was awake, at Composite, 2024

Installation image

Signals, 2024, with thanks to Hilary Jackman & additional images credited to James Webb telescope: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team

Window Time, 2024

Score for Screws, 2024

Installation image

Pencil Music, 2024

Flower, 2019

February - March, 2024. Composite, Collingwood. 

Installation documentation by Christo Crocker.


Collaborative Collection with Debris Facility at Cathedral Cabinet, Melbourne

Found Combs, with Debris Facility (2007 - ongoing)

Cathedral Cabinet, Melbourne, February 2023. Photographed by Tommaso Nervegna-Reed


Tutto: Deakin University Art Gallery, 2022

Tutto was a solo exhibition of video work from the past 10 years. Presented at Deakin University Art Gallery from Feb-March 2022. Curated by James Lynch. Documentation by Jacqui Shelton.

Supported by the Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative and the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria.


Fulfilment Centre is a 10 part sound series I made in 2020/21. It was commissioned by TarraWarra Museum of Art for Victoria Together and supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Mastered by Brennan Olver
Additional music on episode 5 by Wet Kiss
Design by Debris Facility

Voice performers: Deb Kunda, Isla Scott, Tim Woodward, Liang Luscombe, Caroline Anderson, Charlie Sofo and Brennan Olver.


Emotional Hydraulics

Video stills from Fold, 2021, digital video, 13 mins

Interior / exterior view of upstairs

Video stills from The Whole Universe, 2021, digital video, 8 mins

Video still from Clicks, 2021, digital video, 3:04 mins

Installation view including Artery Notice Board

View of exterior curtain

Image credits: Keelan O'Hehir & Tim Woodward

Emotional Hydraulics
Artery Cooperative
Northcote, Melbourne
April, 2021


You'll never know your own smell, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney 2020

Trail Mix
nuts, seeds, dried fruit and wood
43 x 33 cm

found material on board
70 x 90 cm

cotton, newsprint
45 x 35 cm


On Vulnerability & Doubt, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, August 2019

digital video, duration 1:08 mins

Reference points (16 photographs of a nipple) 
inkjet print
2.5 x 4.0 cm (each, sixteen prints)

Various confectionery sucked to the smallest structural point
Various materials and dimensions

Lost soccer balls (removed from circulation for the duration of the exhibition)

found balls, timber shelf
180cm x 215cm x 43cm

Low notes 
digital video
3:00 mins

Documentation by Jacqui Shelton and Andrew Curtis


Shapeshifters: curated by Tara McDowell

Windows, 2019
An entrance & exit point for Shapeshifters curatorial symposium, MADA Faculty Gallery
Photographs by Keelan O'Hehir.