Talking or chatting is conjuring something in to being. We talk and say things and at some level I feel everything we say materialises. Language is material.

The plan can be realised in the planning.  Talking might be a generous act (I choose to listen), and it's selfish too, I'm going to take from you. I am going to use you.

I've been having three chats a week. They're all equal in a way, I don't care about being bored or excited, do you know what I mean? This is the problem with relational activities, there is always the aura of intimacy, the potential for intimacy. And when you put yourself out there you risk being viewed as needy or desperate. I'm sure that this is why people hardly ever reach out, they don't want to take the first step. But imagine taking the first step in every encounter? Imagine like every step is your first step?

Go on and take a step, for fucks sake.