Follow up.

I received a few questions from my appeal in the previous post. I figure that as an adjunct to my Art Forum I would answer them here.

1/ I  would like to know your thoughts concerning necessity?

This is actually a good question. Art could be characterised as excess, but I feel that it pivots around necessity (for me anyway). I think that the closer and more intimately our work is linked to need, especially in our current world situation, the better. The issue about art being for arts sake is neither here nor there.

2/ I would like to know what is your favourite movie and how you manage to make the curl in the side of your hair? Also, what is it that you would like to be remembered for?

I guess I don't have a favourite movie. Lately I've seen and enjoyed films by Carl Dreyer.  I also very much loved the films of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.  Ages ago I was very affected by Lars Von Trier's Dancer In the Dark and Breaking the waves, which were extremely emotional for me.

The curl on the side of my hair comes naturally, and I like it.

What do I want to be remembered for? That's a catastrophic question. As a teenager I was pathologically afraid that I might not be a great person, that I might not leave some kind of impression on the world. I funnelled that in to the desire to save the whole world. Maybe it's been sublimated, or I've repressed it. I've heard it said that art has something to do with cheating death. I find the whole subject uncomfortable territory.

3/ Why are you an artist? Is it because the work and lifestyle is well suited to you? Is it because you think making art is an important thing to do? Is it none of those things? Is it something else?

I feel that if when a person decides to be an artist, they're taking on a role. That role is informed by history, or what that person might know about other artists (although in different times and in different cultures this might not be the case). When I decided that everyone in the world is (and could see themselves as) an artist, that was a real relief. Now my central motivation is working out what to do next.

4/ Do you have a strong reoccurring thought when you go on your walks?

Yes I was thinking about that last night! I feel very autonomous when I walk, very strong and independent. I don't know why, but being in transit, by foot and on the street, is a really simple way to be.