First post and dedication.

It's 2011. This is obviously going to be my new site, for pictures and shit about my work. I realise that I should continue writing, even though I get embarrassed doing it. There has been a lot of positive things that have emerged from my interactions on the web. There is no way that it should replace action in the wider world (the physical, social worlds). But it can work directly with these worlds. Look at wiki-leaks, look at what's happening in Egypt. We can actually get shit done.

This first post is dedicated to Stephen Russell. He helped remove some ugly bullets from this free website. Stephen is a great individual and artist. We did B.E.D. together, he's a restless sleeper.  He also gave me $20 when my miso stall wasn't going so well. One night I vomited in the bathrooms at the IT business where Steve works. I might have drunk too much alcohol from the staff room, or it could have been food poisoning. Who knows. Steve might know.

Anyway, thanks for coming over here.  I've called this site living documents, which is actually a term to describe something like a wiki. I like the term, it's all subject to change.